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Clinical Implications and Financial Impact of Difficult Venous Access

Assessing the Costly Impact of Difficult Venous Access. The challenge of placing a peripheral IV catheter (PIVC) in a patient with difficult venous access or DVA is faced by clinicians in every aspect of healthcare.


The Potential Role of Dedicated 3D Breast CT as a Diagnostic Tool: Review and Early Clinical Examples

Breast CT displays 3D images of the internal structures of the breast; therefore, evaluation of suspicious features like microcalcifications, masses, and asymmetries can be made in multiple anatomical planes from a single scan.


Move over tomo? Dedicated breast CT has bright future

Researchers believe that breast CT could handle a wide range of breast imaging tasks, from diagnostic to adjunctive screening applications.


Personalized estimates of radiation dose from dedicated breast CT in a diagnostic population and comparison with diagnostic mammography

This study retrospectively analyzed the mean glandular dose (MGD) to 133 breasts from 132 subjects, all women, who participated in a clinical trial evaluating dedicated breast CT in a diagnostic population.


Cone-Beam CT for Breast Imaging: Radiation Dose, Breast Coverage, and Image Quality

The results of this study show that cone-beam breast CT can be used to image the entire breast from chest wall to nipple with sufficient spatial and contrast resolution
for detection of masses and calcifications at a radiation dose within the range of that of conventional mammography.


Case Study – Koning Breast CT

Case Study #1 Remove Tissue Overlap- Benign
Case Study #2 Remove Tissue Overlap-Malignant
Case Study #3 Calcifications- Malignant Tissue
Case Study #4 Calcifications- Malignant DCIS


Journal of Clinical Imaging Science

Owing to favorable radiation dose profile, excellent visualization of lesions, and qualitative benefits including, excellent field-of-view, and more anatomicalevaluation of lesion margins, CBBCT offers a promising modality for diagnostic evaluation of breast lesions.


3D Technologies Poised to Change How Doctors Diagnose Cancers

Soon, threedimensional (3D) images in actual 3D might help your doctor find hidden tumors and better diagnose cancers, thanks to the regulatory work being done by a team at FDA’s Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability.


Breast CT Imaging System A Pain-Free Tool to Aid Mammograms

While questions persist about the best ways to detect breast cancer early, a CT imaging system developed at the University of Rochester Medical Center and first unveiled four years ago is in a better position today to enter the fray.

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