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Summary of Simulator Publications

Transthoracic Echocardiographic Simulator: Normal and the Abnormal

The Vimedix TTE/TEE simulator is an innovative teaching tool and, by introducing echocardiographic abnormalities, has introduced another dimension to echocardiography training.


The Importance of “Hands-On” Learning

Simulation Best Practices

Simulation-Based Education Improves Quality of Care During Cardiac Arrest Team Responses at an Academic Teaching Hospital

A simulation-based educational program significantly improved the quality of care provided by residents during actual ACLS events. There is a growing body of evidence indicating that simulation can be a useful adjunct to traditional methods of procedural training.


High Fidelity HPS Combat Casualty Care 1111

G.I. Caesar TSJ 0711

Critical Thinking JEMS

Simulation in Medicine

Medicine, as an industry in which human lives depend on the skill and performance of operators, must create and maintain a culture of safety, in addition to designing systems to mitigate errors.

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