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Long-term outcomes after radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors

Radiosurgery is an effective and safe treatment modality for GJT. Patients having 1 CN involvement before radiosurgery show a higher risk of lack of improvement of symptoms.


In-vivo imaging of the sentinel vein using the near-infrared vascular imaging system in hallux valgus patients

Effect of Intravenous (IV) Assistive Device (VeinViewer) on IV Access Attempts, Procedural Time, and Patient and Nurse Satisfaction

Innovation in Vascular Access

Accidental needlestick injuries decreased via the utilization of the VeinViewer


Intraoperative portable CT -scanner based spinal navigation- a feasibility and safety study

Full spectrum neurorestoratology enhancing neuroresponse to disasters

What is New and Innovative in Emergency Neurosurgery Emerging Diagnostic Technologies Provide Bet

Portable CT scanner-based navigation in lumbar pedicle screw insertion

Preliminary results of intensity-modulated radiation therapy with helical tomotherapy for prostate cancer

This preliminary report confirms the feasibility of HT in a large number of patients. We observed that HT is associated with low rates of acute and late toxicities, and HT in combination with relatively long-term ADT results in excellent short-term bDFS.

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