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Preliminary results of intensity-modulated radiation therapy with helical tomotherapy for prostate cancer

This preliminary report confirms the feasibility of HT in a large number of patients. We observed that HT is associated with low rates of acute and late toxicities, and HT in combination with relatively long-term ADT results in excellent short-term bDFS.


Summary of Simulator Publications

Transthoracic Echocardiographic Simulator: Normal and the Abnormal

The Vimedix TTE/TEE simulator is an innovative teaching tool and, by introducing echocardiographic abnormalities, has introduced another dimension to echocardiography training.


The Importance of “Hands-On” Learning

Simulation Best Practices

Simulation-Based Education Improves Quality of Care During Cardiac Arrest Team Responses at an Academic Teaching Hospital

A simulation-based educational program significantly improved the quality of care provided by residents during actual ACLS events. There is a growing body of evidence indicating that simulation can be a useful adjunct to traditional methods of procedural training.


High Fidelity HPS Combat Casualty Care 1111

G.I. Caesar TSJ 0711

Critical Thinking JEMS

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